Southeastern Trucking Benefits

Saving companies, employees & owner operators money on benefits since 1989

F & W Transportation has been working with Ted Mengel and Southeastern Trucking Benefits since Feb. of 2009 to provide our drivers with supplemental benefits. Ted and his team have a unique understanding of drivers and their needs. They have been able to get coverage for many of our older or less healthy drivers, where other companies couldn’t. They have even been able to secure guaranteed issue life insurance for our group. In addition to the great products they offer, their service is second to none. They understand that, with truck drivers, you can’t just have an “all employee meeting” in a break room. With employees all over the country at various times, it takes strategic planning to meet with them and talk to them about their needs. Ted and his Benefit Specialists have bent over backwards to be on site to meet with drivers. When a meeting has not been possible, they have made themselves available by phone at all hours to be able to talk with a driver about a need. No other company would be willing to work so hard to just talk with a driver. In addition, they explain the benefits to the drivers in a way they can understand. They don’t give a sales pitch. They give a relaxed, low pressure, educational session to allow the drivers to assess their needs and choose what’s best for them. Our relationship with Ted and his team allowed us to offer competitive benefits and pricing that helps us retain drivers and increase driver satisfaction with our company. I highly encourage you to let them come in and tell you what they can do for your company.
Scott Rodgers
Director of Human Resources
F&W Transportation